CRETALEA our history

The family business "DIMITRAKI" lasts five consecutive generations.

In the mill the main mechanism was the millstones that were rotated with the horses and mashed the olive fruit.

When the pulp was ready, it was transferred to special bags and placed in a press with a screw, so that the oil came out.

Later, the first son of Grandpa Polychronis, Georgios Dimitrakis, replaced our olive mill from a horse-drawn to a motor-powered one with the help of electricity, so that the oil came out faster and more carefree. In 2014 all the machines were replaced with a new state-of-the-art unit so that the oil quality is excellent !!!

Also in 2017 our company started the packaging - standardization of olive oil in order to highlight this quality product of ours.

Olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks in a dark and cool place, so that the quality remains constant.


Our History

Great Grandfather Markos
Grandfather Polychronis
Geogrios Dimitrakis
Geogrios Dimitrakis
Chronis Dimitrakis
Chronis Dimitrakis
Great grandfather Markos begins the business with millstones spinned by horses.
Grandfather Polychronis puts the manual pressing machines.
Geogrios Dimitrakis puts the machines of high pressure that operate with electricity.
Furthermore, Georgios Dimitrakis builds a new building and he is one of the first people to bring the centrifugal machines.
Dimitrakis Chronis rennovates all the machinery and puts cutting edge equipments.
With new ideas and respect towards tradition we started the packing and bottling of this amazing product called OLIVE OIL.